"The Abundance” Candle with Crystals

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Abundance Crystal Energy Candle 

Prosper with money, security and abundance.
Bring wealth into your life through riches and love. 

Light the candle with your set intention to set the energy and amplify your outcome. Created to help you manifest all that you set out to accomplish. Abundance has crystals intended to cleanse your surroundings and help you create the perfect environment for you to thrive.

How to use:

Place the candle in a safe place, recommended to place by an alter. Before lighting your candle you should set an intention through prayer or meditation. Visualize your outcome as if it already happened. Only burn your candle 4 hours at a time. Snuff when done, never blow out. 

Ingredients: Soy wax, vanilla-scented, green Aventurine & Lemurian Seed Quartz crystals, Cedar sage, Mica powder, essential oil blend and Prosper dusting powder.

Size: 60mm diameter, 1.5 inches tall.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Susan Woodard
Abundantly beautiful

I love the abundance candle. I keep it at my spirituality altar. It is beautiful to look at and it smells fantastic. I highly recommend any of MoonRayCrystal candles.

Jennifer Aguilar
Smells so good!!!

The abundance candle not only looked beautiful, but it smelled FANTASTIC. I’ll definitely be buying more.